A Letter from Senator Robert Blair:

Dear constituents, 

I am a fourth-generation Idahoan. I grew up in Kendrick and went to school at the University of Idaho. I am a farmer and entrepreneur with strong ties to our community. This May I am running for election as an Idaho Senator for District 6 in Seat 1.   

Several years ago I had the opportunity to spend six weeks traveling the countries of Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil, as part of an agricultural fellowship program. The experience provided me with a powerful and robust understanding of the value of our form of government. The foresight our founding fathers had when crafting our Constitution is truly amazing. 

This year, I was blessed with the opportunity to serve during the 2022 legislative session. I represented District 6 at the Idaho Legislature, replacing Dan Johnson who hand-picked me to be his replacement, knowing my values and commitment to both my district and the State of Idaho. 

I could not have asked for better committees to start on: Agriculture, Resources and Environment, and Education. These three committees deal with things I love and am passionate about: promoting quality education; advocating for Idaho’s agriculture and forestry industries; and protecting Idaho’s water and wildlife.

I am a lifelong Republican. I believe in a commonsense approach to governing. If elected to represent you, I will work to provide meaningful property tax relief, uphold our conservative values, fight for your right to keep and bear arms, and advocate for District 6 industry and values. I believe the most effective government is a small government and that it works best when closest to the people. 

My wife Rhonda and I have been married 27 years. She is a special education teacher in the Kendrick School District and we have two sons and all four of us are Vandals. We have been lifelong members of Cameron Emmanuel Lutheran Church.

I ask that you support me as a Republican Senator for District 6 and a lifelong advocate for our area. I look forward to continuing to serve you and the interests of District 6. 

Kindest regards,

Robert Blair