My Positions:

I am a lifelong Republican and Idahoan. I believe in a commonsense approach to governing. If elected to represent you, I will work to provide meaningful property tax relief, uphold our conservative values, fight for your right to keep and bear arms, and advocate for District 6 industry and values. I believe the most effective government is a small government and that it works best when closest to the people. I will fight to protect our Constitutional freedoms, help keep the Idaho economy strong and protect Idaho from federal government overreach. Here are my legislative priorities and commitment, 

Educating Idaho Students for a Bright Future

Senator Blair knows the value of education and the instrumental role it plays in making Idaho competitive for business and industry. He has consistently voted to fund Idaho schools and reward Idaho teachers for the important work they do to prepare students for a bright future, whether that’s college, a trade school, or working on the family farm. Senator Blair will continue to vote for innovative solutions to Idaho’s rural education needs and to keep Idaho growing.

Supporting Rural Industry

Agriculture, ranching, timber, and mining are the backbone of Idaho’s economy. As a fourth-generation Kendrick, Idaho, farmer, Senator Blair will fight to support these critical industries and ensure Idaho’s economic growth and success. 

Keeping DC In Check 

Senator Blair has fought federal government overreach twice – and won. He knows that Washington, D.C. doesn’t have Idaho’s best interests at heart, nor does it truly understand Idaho’s values and needs.  It takes courage, a strong voice, and conviction to stand up for Idaho Republican values against any entity that wants to diminish local control for whatever reason. Senator Blair has been, and will continue to be, that strong voice for District 6.

Defending Conservative Idaho Values

Protecting the sanctity of life is one of Senator Blair’s most sacredly held responsibilities as a legislator. As Senator, he testified in support of pro-life legislation and voted to enact it. As a lifelong Lutheran and conservative Republican, Senator Blair can be counted on to protect the most vulnerable in our society.

Lowering Property Taxes for Idaho Families

Property taxes are a critical tool for cities and counties to maintain strong communities and are the primary local funding source for K-12 schools. As such they are necessary but Senator Blair is committed to ensuring that Idahoans aren’t taxed out of their homes. He knows there is more work to be done, especially for fixed income and rural residents, and will keep working to pass meaningful property tax reform legislation.

Standing up for the 2nd Amendment

Senator Blair is a lifelong hunter and gun owner. The proud carrier of a concealed carry permit, he knows the importance of protecting the right to keep and bear arms. Senator Blair has an A rating from the NRA and will always fight to uphold the 2nd Amendment.